How To Make a Easy English Riding Set for Schleich.



You will need

felt for the saddle and blanket

needle&t thread

2 0-rings or 2 jewelry clasp

and embroidery floss(I used 20 inches) .


To make the saddle cut the saddle out in the shape of an english cut a saddle pad and the girth.The girth should go all the way around the horse with an inch or so to spare,


Glue of sew the three the felt together to make the saddle,


To make the bridle thread the 0-rings or jewelry clasp(the bit) on to the floss and tie around the nose.


Bring the thread around the head and tie to the other side.Make sure the 0-rings or jewelry clasp are on top of the knots.Clip the floss.


Now tie the floss just under the ear leaving an inch on the short side of the bring the long side around and tie in the same place on the other side of the horsed head.Now tie a bow with the remaining thread to finish the bridle.


Now all that is left is to add horse reins and you are done!




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