Littlest Pet Shop Memories



I remember when you could go to the dollar store and get a LPS with an item for $2 or go to target and get one for $3-$4.Does any one remember that?

My dad bought me my first set about 8-10 years ago. It is this one.

The one above my Nany bought me when we moved about 8 years ago.

So does any one have memories of there pet shops?



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  1. I always saved up money to go to the Dollar Store and get them – eight quarters and a dime was what I saved (since taxes)
    I remember being very disappointed when they stopped selling them!

  2. I have a cat that looks just like yours, only mine had a blue crown. I lost the crown not long after I got the cat, but I still have the cat around here somewhere. I remember I would save every paper with a list of all the LPS available at the time whenever I bought a new LPS. I would stare at the list for what seemed like hours, dreaming about which LPS I was going to get next. Have you seen what LPS look like now? I want them to go back to what they used to look like. 😦

  3. I loved the Littlest Pet Shop pets! I used to buy them all the time in second grade, and in fact, I still have most of my old ones! All my friends had them too, so we used to bring them to school and play with them at recess.
    I have that cat, only mine didn’t come with a crown. 😉
    And that playset your dad bought you looks really familiar, I think my sister might have had that or something that looked like it.
    P.S. The older ones are so much better than the new ones!

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