The True King Episode 1



I sighed as I sat down on my bed after dressing. Wondering if the last month had been really or not. There had been a epidemic of fever that claimed many people in including my parents(King Benjamin and Queen Mary). I am 17 and in two weeks will be my 18th birthday; the day I will be crowned queen of Henwell.


Princess Eleanor ready for me to fix your hair? My maid Josie asked.
We had been friends for a while. Her mom was actually my mother’s maid before the fever had come and claimed them both.
Yes,Josie I am.


I sat down and Josie started.
Josie, do you think I am ready to be queen?
I can not answer that,but if you are as good a queen as friend then you will be great. You could pra..I mean um?
What did you say?I asked. Josie often started to say something that started with p,r,and a.


I am done now.I will tell you later.
No Josie, you will tell me now. Ever since we were little you have startled that same word and stopped. What is it that is bothering you(I was irritated today with about everything)!
Do you think you could come to my place to night without anyone seeing you? I can tell you there.Josie said with a quivering voice.
Yes, I think I can sneak away tonight after supper.
Okay. Josie said and quickly left.


What could Josie have kept secret for so long, but can now tell me only in secret?

Come in quickly! Beckoned Josie.
I came as soon as I could.
This is my adopted sister Mara. Josie said gesturing towards a girl in the corner.

I will get the book.
The book? I was getting rather confused at this point.

Come,sit down. This book I am holding is the history of the very beginning of man and his Creator.
Man’s Creator?

Yes, there is an All Mighty that created every plant,fish,bird,animal,and even man. Josie said with such emotion as I have never heard!

You mean we all were created by some great power?

Yes, there are many in the palace that do not want the people to know about Him for fear they lose their power over them. My family has kept this book hidden for generations waiting for a chance to restore to the kingdom’s faith in the All Mighty God! And you(princess Eleanor) are the kingdom’s first and last chance to do just that!
I was shocked to have such great news hurled at me; I could not speak!
Do you choose to learn of all this or do you not?
I nodded my head yes.

Alright, we will start at the beginning.

Come back next Saturday to see what happens next.


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