How to make Miniature Books




First choose what book(s) you want a miniature version of.


Bring both the front and back coverings up so it looks like so and take a picture. Make sure you crop out everything but the book.


Print the pictures on the smallest setting your computer has and cut them out.


On a very soft and thin chip of wood mark where to cut.


If making a necklace now is the time to glue on a i-pin.


Spread glue allover the wood chip and place book cover on it.


After the glue dries you toys have a new book!


Or you have a new necklace.



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  1. oh thats cool! when i was younger i read nancy drew and the clue crew, but now i read the older version. nancy and ned rock!

  2. i don’t know…… maybe the clue in the diary or the twisted candles. OH, and the sky phantom was good too. i also really like the books that have a bit of conflict in them so the secret of the velvet mask is good!

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