Mary the Hobbit



In case you could not tell I am a fan of the Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings books.


So I thought it would be cool to dress one of my dolls up as a hobbit.


I could no decide which hobbit to model after; then I realized that mary is also one of the hobbits names (well a nickname for Meriadoc)!


So Mary will soon have a complete Meriadoc Brandybuck costume.

I still need to make the elvish cape and a sword. I’ll update you as I complete it.



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  1. Oh my gosh, Mary looks so adorable in that outfit! I especially love the little backpack. 😉
    That’s cool that you like the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings books. I read The Hobbit a few months ago for school, and it was pretty good. I think Bilbo was my favorite character, he was so cute and innocent. 🙂

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