Minecraft Mondays


The clock tower my brother built.

The way I see it video games and toys are very similar. So I thought you guys would like me to show you every Monday the progress on our town.

1. Our Town hall
2. The jail
3. The school
4. The flower shop
5. The hamburger house
6. The hotel
7. My brother’s house in progress
8. The pizza castle

1. The light house
2. The wharf
3. Hobbition
4. The inn
5. The supermarket in progress
6. The pool
7. The library

1. My house
2. The craft store
3. Church

And lastly the town fort.

Hope you enjoyed the walk through our town. Is there any building you would like a closer look at?



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  1. This is really cool-keep up the good work! 🙂
    I think I’d like a better look at the hamburger house, the flower shop, and the craft store. 😉

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