Goat Maid Part 1



It had been six months since Mara became queen. She had quickly put wrong to right in the kingdom, but there is still one more thing to do.


“Do you think we have looked in every historical record yet?” I asked.
“I think we must have looked in all of them twice.” Replied Mary.


Closing my book then turned to face her. “So, I guess we know where to start?”.


“Oh yes, we must start by the old tower fortress. That is the last place Goat Maid was known to dwelling.”


Goat Maid was the dairy producer for the kingdom before the Bible was band.
“Do you think we will really find her?” I asked a little skeptical.


“I know we will.” Mary replied.
“I suppose you will leave Willow in charge?”


“I am afraid I will need her with me. Unless you want to come in her place ?” Mary ventured.
” I would love to!” I quickly agreed.


“Any thing you need?” Jose asked.


“Wold you inform Willow she will be in charged while Eleanor and I look for Goat Lady.” Requested Mary.


“Right away, Mary. And I hope you find her!” Jose replied.
“Thank you Jose.”



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