Goat Maid Part 5



Goat Maid set to work as soon as we got to her place.


” Will Mary be alright?” My voice quivering with every word.


” If the wound does not set up infection, she has a good chance” Was the reply.
“You may sleep on that mattress tonight. I will watch over her.”


I timidly lowered my self. After saying my prayers I drifted off in to an uneasy sleep.


The next morning I awoke anxiously.
” Is Mary still fine?”


“Yes, you will have to watch her for a few hours.” Goat Maid informed me.
” Yes, mam.” I replied


For several hours I sat tirelessly praying and watching my sister.


Then I saw her start to move and open her eyes.
” Goat Maid, she is awakening!” I called.


” Good, let me sit beside her.” Goat Maid said.


” Goat Maid? Can it really be you?” Mary weakling said.
” Yes it is and it could.” Goat Maid replied.
” Has my sister asked you to come back with us?” Mary ventured.
” Yes, she has and I would like to wait till tomorrow before deciding anything. You must rest for today.” Goat Maid replied.


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